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5 daily habits to develop now to slow down ageing

5 daily habits to develop now to slow down ageing

Concerns about ageing often come under crossfire forbeing a narcissistic expression of vanity, but the fact remains that how you treat your body now determines how active or sluggish you are a couple of decades down the road.That, combined with the fact that no one likes to look ten years older than they actually are. Your body won’t stay the same forever, but you’d be surprised to find that fending off premature signs of ageing is a choice that is in your hands. You can’t win against the clock, but you can nudge it back a bit and slow down theinevitable reminders of your body’s ageing process with these everyday habits.

Increase your daily fruit intake

Tips to slow down ageing increase your daily fruit intake

If you have been suffering from superfood ennui, place your trust in good ol’ fashioned fruits. On your next grocery run, move away from the flashy superfood aislein favour of naturalprunes, blackberries and red apples, all rich in anthocyanins –the best-kept youth secret of the cosmetic industry.

Lather sunscreen like there’s no tomorrow

Tips to slow down ageing apply sunscreen daily

Yes, you can be at risk from sun damage even if you are indoors. UV rays have the pesky habit of bleeding your skin dry of elastin, a structural protein that keeps your skin from developing permanent wrinkles by returning your skin to its original position after stretching. Arm yourself against skin discolouration, spots and permanent facial lines by applying sunscreen daily, even if you don’t plan on heading outside.

Eat your greens

Tips to slow down ageing eat green vegetables

A healthy diet now ensures a healthy you for many years to come, but you already knew that. Combine a wholesome diet with the benefits of Brahmi, a brain tonic tablet from Pure Cure + Co. that helps build collagen, stimulates new cell growth, speeds the healing process and improves circulation. Brahmi in ayurveda terms has often been regarded as a memory enhancer, aphrodisiac and a health tonic. The regular use of Brahmi will benefit you immensely to achieve good health.

Limit your alcohol consumption

Tips to slow down ageing limit your alcohol consumption

Not the most pleasant combination of words in the English language, but each time you hit the bar, your skin is robbed of essential vitamins. Frequent drinking can also be credited for bloating, inflammation and uneven spots caused by broken capillaries.

Don’t compromise on your sleep

Tips to slow dow nageing dont compromise on your sleep

The “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” philosophy won’t stand you in good stead when you’re counting wrinkles in the mirror. Clocking in an uninterrupted eight hours’ of rest is of utmost importance as sleep is known for boosting the human growth hormone that keeps your visage looking healthy and delays visible signs of ageing.



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