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5 reasons why your body needs a detox

5 reasons why your body needs a detox

You are, after all, what you put in your body. Given the toll that our frantic lifestyles and the ever-rising levels of pollution are taking on your body and skin, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your insides are looking for a vacation from the daily stresses of a harsh skincare regimen and an unhealthy on-the-go diet. If you aren’t sold yet on the idea of giving your body a timeout, here are a couple of benefits you can expect in exchange for going on a detox.

Flush toxins from within

Benefits of detoxification flush toxins from within

From the environmental chemicals and pollutants we are breathing in daily to the exhaust fumes that come with a congested urban life, toxins are guaranteed unfiltered access to your tissue where they can rest for years unchecked. Find some much-needed respite with Detox, a herbal Ayurvedic formula from Pure Cure + Co., that performs a deep internal cleanse to detoxify your body

Enhance immunity

Benefits of detoxification enhance immunity

If you’re looking for a long-term solution to fighting free radicals and nefarious toxins, look at strengthening your immune system. A strong immunity system provides the best defence against infections and common ailments, like a recurring cold. Boosting your immunity using Ayurveda based formulas also ensures that you are doing so naturally without any long term effects.

Boost energy levels

Benefits of detoxification boost energy levels

The hectic pace of our lifestyle means that most of us fail to notice the dedicated lack of energy and fatigue plaguing our steps daily, which is what makes a detox the need of the hour. Cleansing your insides of the toxins flooding your system can translate into a significant spike in your physical and mental energy, and a better night’s sleep leaving you rejuvenated as you take on the work week.

Weight loss

Benefits of detoxification weightloss

Aside from the obvious benefits of ridding your body of toxins and fending off health concerns like heart disease, a fringe benefit that comes with going on a detox is effective weight loss. Toxins can wreak havoc on the body’s ability to burn fat, and once they are flushed out, you will notice a more efficient metabolism.

Hit the brakes on premature ageing

Benefits of detoxification hit the brakes on premature ageing

Flooding your system with antioxidants can lead to increased nutrient absorption that, in turn, helps fight oxidative stress and boosts skin health. For best results, opt for a single tablet of Detox daily over a period of ten days along with 1-2 tablets of Flush. When combined with reduced junk food intake and plenty of warm water, you’ll say hello to a lighter, energized you in the days.




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