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5 Signs Of Ageing, And How To Fix Them

5 signs of ageing, and how to fix them

You have always been proud of your firm and smooth skin. To you, age is just a number and you’ve always been young at heart. Suddenly, you notice fine lines on your face. Your skin has an uneven tone and there appear to be visible  pores that never existed before. Fret not, for these are some of the inevitable signs that your skin is ageing. Let’s take a closer look at five signs of ageing and how you can slow down the process naturally.


Dark Circles

Tips to fix signs of ageing dark circles

With age your skin loses it's elasticity and becomes thinner. As a result, the blood vessels below the eyes become more visible and the area below the eyes become darker. To prevent dark circles, you need to have your beauty sleep of at least 8 hours. Close the curtains and shut out all light sources for a restful sleep.


Tips to fix signs of ageing wrinkles

Another inescapable sign of ageing is the wrinkles that appear on the face as well as laughter lines around the eyes. To get rid of these telltale signs, consume a balanced diet rich in antioxidants. Eat lots of fresh fruits and veg and avoid saturated fats and processed foods.

Dry Skin

Tips to fix signs of ageing dry skin

It isn’t unusual for the skin to turn dry and flaky alongside these other signs. With age, the capacity of the skin to repair itself and retain moisture diminishes. Avoid hot water baths and instead, keep the water lukewarm and use milder soaps. Wear sunscreen and opt for clothes that provide adequate protection from the sun when outdoors.

Hair Thinning

Tips to fix signs of ageing hair thinning

Hair loss is an inevitable part of our lives, given the pollution and environmental aggressors we are exposed to on a daily basis. With age, this is further compounded by factors like stress, hormonal changes and certain medications. Opt for a regular scalp massage to encourage adequate blood flow and dislodge dead skin cells.

Sore Feet

Tips to fix signs of ageing sore feet

Our busy lifestyle means that we spend the majority of our time running around from one place to another, and the results show up in the form of painful, cracked heels as you age. If your soles have been feeling sore, treat them to a good round of moisturising before going to bed at night.

 Dr Arun, co-founder of Pure Cure + Co, further adds, “With a few changes in your lifestyle , you can slow down the ageing process. When you start taking care of your body, you will begin to  feel better and look better.” Take that first step towards a younger, revitalised you with Anti Age from Pure Cure + Co., an all-natural supplement that provides an age-defying formula for skin renewal and overall wellness. Take 1-2 tablets twice a day with milk for 3 months to see visible results.



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