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5 Ways To Maintain Your Facial Glow

You’d be lying if you told us that radiant, glowing skin hasn’t been topping your beauty priority list since the age of 15. However, we’re also familiar with the agony that goes with those annoying zits that specially come up when a big party or event is right round the corner. Instead of using every single beauty product on the racks, here are a couple of well-kept secrets that could solve your never-ending quest for the luminous blemish-free skin that you’ve always dreamed of.

Increase Water Intake

Tips for facial glow increase water intake

It is exactly as easy it sounds, just a simple hack that does the trick. The straightforward logic that it follows is that the more water you intake, the more toxins are removed from your blood, leaving behind fresh and supple skin. We know that suddenly increasing your daily water intake can be annoying, but you could look at gradually increasing your intake. The fringe benefits come in the form of a more effective digestive system. So, happy gulping.

Increase Food With Antioxidants

Tips for facial glow increase food with antioxidant

You are what you eat. This saying couldn’t be more apt when it comes to your skin health. Eating oily junk food leaves you not just with extra pounds, but also an unhealthy looking skin. For the sake of your skin, ditch those junkies in favour of foods rich in antioxidants like berries, oranges and kale. Dr Arun (#askdrarun) the co-founder of Pure Cure + Co., explains, “Antioxidants are vital for those looking for a youthful, glowing skin. They boost blood circulation and metabolism of the cells resulting in an even skin tone and remarkably reduced fine lines.”

Reduce Exposure To Sun

Tips for facial glow reduce sun exposure

Prevention is better than cure, for all things related to sun damage. And no, the visible sun tan is not all that you need protection from. While the UVA rays can cause premature skin ageing, the UVB rays are known to cause skin cancer. It would be best to restrict your outdoor chores to the bare minimum during peak sunny hours, and for the unavoidable times, lather on a generous dose of sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above.  

Sweat It Out

Tips for facial glow sweat it out

This one here is a no-brainer; we’ve all seen the natural glow that comes with just an hour of working out.  It helps flush out the dust particles and pollutants that illegally reside on your skin and also boosts the blood circulation. So, whether it is running, jogging, cycling or skipping, take your pick and watch your skin glow in return.  


Tips for facial glow detox your body

The cleansing of our skin from the outside is what we’re familiar with, but it is just as important cleanse your body from the inside. The toxins from our diet need to be flushed out time and again, and you can hand that task over to Pure Cure + Co.’s Glow supplement that purifies the blood and detoxifies the body from within.





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