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How To Boost Your Immunity Against Diseases With Samshamani Vati

How to boost your immunity against diseases with samshamani vati

This is a stressful time for all of us, with the fear of coronavirus threatening to overwhelm our lives. While scientists race to find a vaccine, the layman is preoccupied with trying to build up his immunity against the dreaded disease. Products that strengthen the immune system are the new heroes. Meet Samshamani Vati, the antipyretic, anti-bacterial, antioxidant natural product which gives a powerful boost to the immune response to various ailments and diseases.

Builds Immunity Against Major Diseases
Samshamani Vati is Ama Pachak, i.e it removes undigested food particles and toxins which are the root cause of many illnesses. It has been beneficial for the treatment of jaundice, urinary tract infections, asthma and diabetes.

Boosts The Body’s Ability To Fight Infections
As the ultimate immunity booster, Samshamani Vati helps strengthen the body’s immune response to various infections. It also fortifies the body’s ability to ward off viral, bacterial and fungal infections. It also contains Atis which has proved to be effective in the treatment of common cold, cough, nasal congestion and other respiratory tract infections.

Helps Suppress Inflammation
Its anti-inflammatory properties help suppress any inflammations in the body. Regular consumption of Samshamani Vati also helps fight off fatigue and weakness by boosting the body’s energy and strength.

Treatment Of Fever
Samshamani Vati (also known as guduchi ghana vati) is an ayurvedic medicine with antipyretic properties that help to bring down body temperature in chronic fevers. It also helps combat anaemia and revitalises the body after fever.

Digestive Stimulant
Samshamani Vati contains enzymes that smoothen the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients from our food. It is also used to treat stomach disorders, like diarrhoea, dysentery and indigestion. It is an effective antacid and helps in curtailing excessive secretion of bile by the liver.

Healthy living also implies a good nutritious diet, staying hydrated, maintaining personal hygiene, getting adequate amounts of sleep and moderate exercise. Along with these, we can avail the benefits of Samshamani Vati, the maximum strength powerful defence booster with no known side effects. The recommended dosage is 2 tablets twice daily for adults and 1 tablet once daily for children, half an hour before meals. For best results, take warm, ginger-infused water with the tablet. Stay safe and build your immunity with Samshamani Vati





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