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How To Prep Your Skincare Routine Before Valentine’s Day

How to prep your skincare routine before valentine’s day

If your social calendar was looking lonely after the onslaught of Christmas and New Year’s, but fret not, because the next big event is right around the corner: Valentine’s Day. If you are in a relationship, then it is of utmost importance to look extra radiant for your significant other, and if you are single, then looking like a million bucks on your night out is an absolute must. Instead of letting all the prep pile up till one night before, embark on a dedicated skincare routine starting today and you’ll be thanking yourself, come February. Here are some quick skincare tips to help you get started:

Identify The Skincare Concerns

Preparation of skin care routine identify the concern

The most important step before planning a DIY skincare routine is to first identify your skin type viz. oily, dry or combination skin. Based on that, you need to carefully choose the ingredients of any homemade masks. For instance, adding milk or cream to any facemask would be a great help if you tend to have dry skin, but in case you have oily skin, it might make matters worse and cause severe breakouts. Additionally, you need to identify your specific skin concerns, such as uneven skin tone, acne, dark spots, etc. Once your concerns are clear in your mind, it will make it easier to choose a skincare routine which shows positive results.


Preparation of skin care routine scrub of brown sugar and honey

Exfoliation is an extremely important step as it removes out the layer of dead skin, keeps the pores clear, and lets your inner glow shine through. You don’t need one of those dainty little store-bought exfoliating products, you can manage just as well with some kitchen-based items. The small particles of brown sugar make it an excellent choice for a DIY exfoliation session at home. You can combine it with honey to scrub away the layer of dead cells, with the assurance that its humectant nature won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. 

Instant Fix

Preparation of skin care routine apply essential oil on problem spots

No matter how hard you work on your skin, that random zit does pop up at the most inopportune of times. It pays to keep an instant fix handy to deal with those impromptu pimples. A number of essential oils hold benefits in the skincare department, but the one most suited for spot treatment of acne is lavender oil. Just dab on a little oil on the problem spots and watch it work its magic overnight.


Preparation of skin care routine moisturise

Stepping out in the sun with a sunscreen and removing your makeup before sleeping are amongst the most basic skincare diktats. However, another important point which often goes unnoticed is moisturising your skin on a daily basis. By not moisturising your skin, you leave it more prone to wrinkles and acne, making it appear dull and flaky. A simple hydrating mask of olive oil or shea butter can work wonders in making your skin seem years younger and more supple.

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