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How To Protect And Improve Your Skin And Hair This Holi

How to protect and improve your skin and hair this holi

Holi, a festival that marks the triumph of good over evil, is amongst the most widely celebrated festivals in India. Enjoyed with enthusiasm by kids and elders alike, the festival of colours serves as an unofficial declaration of war, with water guns and colours turning into informal weapons. While it is fun to drench others in coloured liquid, it is near impossible to get through the day without being covered head-to-toe in a million different hues. What follows next isn’t as rosy, as you try to scrub off the colours from your face for returning to work in a semi-decent manner. Read on for all the handy tips that will help you not only protect, but also improve your hair and skin this Holi.

Avoid Scrubbing Too Hard

Tips to protect your skin and hair this holi avoidscrubbing too hard

Scrubbing your skin too hard in a desperate attempt to remove off all the colour is the #1 mistake you’re making. Your skin is already reeling under the side-effects of chemicals present in the colours you’ve played with, and scrubbing your skin too hard only ends up making the matters worse and leaves it completely devoid of moisture. As said by a wise man, prevention is better than cure, it makes sense to put in a little effort to safeguard yourself from the trouble later

Moisturise Your Skin

Tips to protect your skin and hair this holi moisturise your skin

Rubbing your face with an ice-cube helps in closing your pores and preventing the colours from getting in too deep. Start by deeply moisturising your skin with coconut oil or any other essential oil of your choice, and then apply a thick layer of sunscreen to protect your face and body. You can even choose to apply a generous layer of waterproof makeup before indulging in the festivities, as it prevents the colour from reaching your skin to a great extent.

Avoid Staying In Wet Clothes For Long

Tips to protect your skin and hair this holi avoid staying in wet clothes for long

It is highly advisable to keep a change of clothes handy, because staying in wet clothes for too long enables easier access for the colours to seep into your skin. This will make it all the more cumbersome for you to remove the colours from your body at the end of the day. Also, prolonged exposure to chemical-laden colours can lead to skin irritation and rashes. If you are heading out for a day-long celebration, it pays to change your clothes after a couple of hours.

Leave-in Serum For The Win

Tips to protect your skin and hair this holi leave in serum

When it comes to protecting your tresses, you need to shampoo and condition it well at the start of the day to ensure that your mane is not sticky and more prone to attracting colours and dirt from all quarters. After that, treat yourself to a deep oil massage which will make it easier for you to wash off the colours from your hair later on. A spoon-sized amount of leave-in conditioner will also ensure that the colours don’t latch on to your hair strands.

Cover Up Your Precious Mane

Tips to protect your skin and hair this holi cover up your precious mane

Even after using protectants and leave-in serums on your hair, many people still find themselves with a mass of unruly split-ends post the Holi festivities. An ideal solution would be to pile up your hair in a neat top-knot, then cover it with a colourful scarf of bandana.

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