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Suffering From Hair Fall? Try These 5 Diy Tips To Strengthen Your Tresses

Try these 5 diy tips to strengthen your tresses

Your mane is your crowning glory, and all it requires is just a little tender loving care for it to flourish. Ditch the expensive army of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, serums and hair gels, that aren’t really benefiting your hair but instead make your tresses weak and dull. Go back to your roots and take a look at what your grandparents used back in the day when shampoos didn’t exist, and their mane was thick and black well into their 80s. Read on for a couple of easy homemade solution for all your hair woes.


Tips to strengthen your hair oiling

Treating yourself with a good oil massage works wonders for strengthening your hair, promoting growth and preventing fungal infections. Also, the dandruff that is often known to be the cause of excessive hair fall and breakage is caused due to a dry and rough scalp. The most effective way to avoid it is regular oiling of the scalp to keep it healthy and moisturized. There are plenty of oils available for you to choose from, depending upon the type of hair you have; some are good to control frizz, while others are useful for moisturizing extremely dry hair.


Tps to strengthen your hair egg therapy

The vitamins that are found inside the egg yolk are extremely beneficial for the overall health of your hair. Apply an egg to damp hair and leave it on for about half an hour, before washing it off with cool water. The proteins present in egg will moisturize your hair from within, and leave you with softer and shinier hair. You will also observe noticeably lesser hair fall and a thicker mane.


Tips to strengthen your hair natural hair colouring

There’s no ignoring the massive amount of hair fall caused by chemicals like ammonia and peroxide present in hair dyes. An easier and fun alternative would be to use natural ingredients to fix that hair colouring fetish. Apply toothpaste on the desired sections of your hair, expose it to sunlight for an hour or so, and welcome those stunning red highlights at no cost and no damage. For blond highlights, you can use concentrated lemon extract instead of toothpaste.


Tips to strengthen your hair baking soda trick

Might seem a little off beat, but baking soda is an excellent technique to cleanse your tresses after the overload of styling products that we subject them to. Make a mixture of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and water, apply it your hair post shampooing and leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing. Say hello to squeaky clean hair, free of all the chemicals present in the various styling serums.


The inversion method is gaining quite some traction online, with people observing accelerated hair growth with this technique. The straightforward principe at play here states that blood flow to the head stimulates its growth and also lessens hair fall. To do this, you just need to massage in any oil of your choice and then tip your head downwards for 5 minutes. This ensures a healthy rush of blood to your scalp, and promotes hair growth at double the speed.

If you are looking on doubling down on the health of your tresses, allow Ayurveda to rescue you from your hair troubles. Dr Arun (#askdrarun), co-founder of Pure Cure + Co. emphasises that, “There are certain herbs which fix the nutritional imbalances in your body, and absorb minerals that are responsible for healthy hair growth”. You can try Hair from Pure Cure + Co. for a month, along with frequent oil massages and a healthy diet, for guaranteed thicker, healthier and shinier hair that is sure to have compliments pouring in.





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