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pure cure product dosage

What is the dosage of my product?

Check out the correct dosage of your Pure Cure Ayurveda product.
ayurveda weight loss rules

Rules for safe weight loss with Ayurveda

Ayurveda asks you not to focus on calories or fad diets, but to ensure your eating habits are your lifestyle. INGREDIENTSThe most important aspect ...
Free diet plan for weight loss

Free Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Speeding up your metabolism is one of the most practical Ayurvedic weight loss tips. A slow metabolic rate means a weak digestive fire that does n...
5 natural foods to kickstart your fitness resolution

5 Natural Foods To Kickstart Your Fitness Resolution

We are now in the fourth month of 2019, and it is only natural for your well-intentioned New Year resolutions to lose steam. However, there is no ...
How to lose weight at home

No Gym, No Problem: How To Lose Weight At Home

Contrary to popular opinion, splurging on a fancy gym membership isn’t an absolute mandate for achieving your ideal fitness levels. Whether you ar...
All the weight loss myths you need to stop believing now

All the weight loss myths you need to stop believing now.

Whether it is well-intentioned advice from friends and acquaintances, or the results of an unholy binge on Google in a bid to self-medicate, there...
5 weight loss foods that vegetarians will love

5 Weight Loss Foods That Vegetarians Will Love

The science of weight loss has witnessed many advancements down the ages, but the universal truth that remains constant is that some foods direct...
5 secrets about weight loss

5 Secrets About Weight Loss

  Down the centuries, the science of weight loss has remained something of an enigma. The constant advances in research and technology translates ...
5 reasons why you’re gaining weight despite working out

5 Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight Despite Working Out

We are all familiar with the struggle against procrastination to finally make up your mind and hit the gym. But after this huge sacrifice, you’re ...
Top weight loss tips that actually work

Looking to drop some kilos? Top weight loss tips that actually work

Whether it’s for an upcoming social event or a commitment to leading a healthier life, it is said that more than 80% of the people around the glob...
Trim those inches

Trim Those Inches

Don’t hit the gym only when you’re 4 weeks away from your best friend’s wedding. Make fitness a habit, and see how it completely transforms your l...